Saturday, October 25, 2008

I don't know why it's fun to be scared.

The Augusta Jaycees are running their Haunted House in a warehouse right across the street -- this weekend and next weekend, $8 -- so my friend Jason and I went last night, after fortifying ourselves at the newly-reopened pub next door.

Neither of us had any idea of what to expect; Jason had never been to a haunted house, and I hadn't been to one in decades. Also, I don't see much in the dark anymore, and did not know whether that would ruin the effects or make them even scarier.

Even scarier, as it turned out. Jason let me clutch his arm all the way through the house, and without him I wouldn't have been able to see enough to walk; but strategic lighting and strobes were enough to let me see the monsters and scary things that jumped out at us.

It was really well done, genuinely scary, and we were both glad to get out -- but also glad to have gone through it.

It's a weird idea of fun, but it was fun -- and why is this? Why do we like horror novels, why do we like roller coasters and thrill rides?

I'm guessing that adrenaline fuels some mood enhancer in the brain, and it's fun to dump a lot of adrenaline into your system when you're not really in danger. There's probably a lot of medical research on this very issue, but it's Saturday and I am not going to spend the day looking it up.

Instead, I might go rent a scary movie.


JIM LAMB said...

So, the pub has reopened. Things are looking up. Now if someone would put a motel or even a bed and breakfast in your little town, I could come and visit you this summer.

AnswerGirl said...

Reopened under new ownership/management; it's a different vibe from the Kennebec Brewing Company, but we had fun last night.

Hallowell, two towns over, has a couple of B&Bs and several more bars.

Assuming, that is, that I'm here next summer ... I never like to plan that far ahead...

Anonymous said...

If I could make a recommendation for a scary movie, try this Really scary without the blood and guts.

Laura Benedict said...

I really dislike haunted houses. I would work in one, but I don't like to be on the receiving end of live scary stuff. Hm. I wonder what effect this has on my parenting style?

You're one brave chick!

Anna said...

The concept of scary is very subjective - my one-year-old cries every time Julia Roberts comes on a particular Elmo episode that Wyatt likes. No lie. For Sesame Street watchers - it's the one in which Elmo tries to scare her and she laughs. Rather strange. So much for America's sweetheart!