Monday, October 27, 2008

I don't know whether I'm drinking caffeinated or decaffeinated coffee.

I gave up caffeine at the beginning of July, as part of a broader change in my eating habits. After the first painful week, I didn't miss it much -- and then, the week the show opened, I was grateful to be able to go back on caffeine and get the full effect when I needed it most. I was on the junk for Bouchercon, too (four days of sleep deprivation and alcohol abuse without caffeine was unthinkable), but gave it up again once I got back to Maine.

Until this morning -- maybe. The can of decaffeinated espresso (I know, it's a cruel joke) I bought on the way home is now gone, and I've turned to the grounds in a Tupperware container that's been in my freezer for God only knows how long. I think -- I think -- that these were decaffeinated beans I ground myself before I left for New York.

But I'm not sure. And this is why Heloise tells us to label everything that goes into our freezers, people...

So I've just made a pot, and we'll find out shortly. Today could be even more productive than I was hoping!


norby said...

So if I suddenly get a flurry of emails from you I'll know why...

Anonymous said...

Dear Lady,

On the matter of caffeine free coffee, I'm happy to know you've discovered that creditable option.

If you choose to drink tea, however, then you may decaffeinate it yourself. All you need to do is pour water on your tea as you would ordinarily, then, after thirty seconds, pour the water away. This removes up to 90% of the caffeine. Proceed by pouring on more water and enjoy your tea as normal!

Sincerley, Robert.

Anonymous said...

Winter is coming; you are not including hot chocolate with that are you?
I suppose a substitute of a Hot Toddy, Tom and Jerry, or even a Hot Buttered Rum would work.

Jen Jordan said...

I am going through caffiene withdrawal and am not good company for anyone but the fatally cheerful.