Monday, June 22, 2009

I don't know what the guy did to fix my computer this morning.

My faithful MacBook, which was temperamental all last week, locked up on me completely over the weekend. Imagine my panic, especially since I can receive but not reply to emails through my iPod Touch (haven't been able to figure out the settings).

So I was at the Comdoctor in Chelsea when it opened this morning, and the nice man had me show him how the mouse button was frozen, and how the CD drive ground and spit out the CD I'd bought in an effort to install a wireless mouse.

"Did you try a USB mouse?" he said, and I said I had not. He plugged one in, and that didn't work, either. Then he knocked the mouse button to one side, and it seemed to unstick things. Presto, the computer was working again, Fonzie-style.

"Well, it's working for now," he said. "But you should probably bring it in and let us look at it, when you can."

I promised that I would, as soon as I turn in my three current projects. Clients are getting impatient -- understandably -- and I'm starting to get nasty emails. Which, fortunately, I can now respond to...

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larry said...

Computers, although technically inanimate objects, behave at times as though possessed... even a MAC.

So when it says, "Hit any button when ready," try not to take it literally.