Saturday, June 20, 2009

I don't know why men spit.

Sorry I've been gone for a few days. I've been busy with work, but I'm also wrestling with a temperamental keyboard that's making me avoid all nonessential computer work (except Facebook. Sorry, I'm addicted to Facebook. It's like a virtual break room, and I'm spending way too much time there lately).

Anyway, I have little to report, except that Gentlemen Prefer Blondes closes tomorrow, it's rained so much here this week that my car is starting to smell moldy (I wish I were kidding), and the Whatever Family Festival runs all week in the Augusta area.

Today was Gardiner Day, so Dizzy and I went down to Gardiner Landing to check it out. Dizzy thought it was a party in his honor, and did his part by greeting all his guests and cleaning up any food that had been dropped on the ground. He did not want to leave, and I mortified myself by having to drag him away, literally. Fortunately, I saw parents doing that with their small children, and at least Dizzy wasn't shrieking or smearing his face paint.

The Cobbosseecontee runs into the Kennebec River at Gardiner Landing, and along the Cobbossee rapids just before the junction are a series of stone benches, for people who want to sit and watch the stream run. Dizzy and I passed a man and woman sitting on one of those benches, watching the water, and I had time to think, "Oh, isn't that romantic," before the man turned his head and spat.

Okay. I understand that the Y chromosome comes with attributes, needs and skills that women will never possess or understand. But why spitting? I have never seen a woman spit in public. Never. I refuse to believe this is something men just have to do. If women can swallow their saliva, why can't men?

And no, this man did not appear to be dipping snuff or chewing tobacco. Even if he had been, that still wouldn't have been okay, but I'm sorry to say that I had the opportunity to observe that his spit was clear.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, boys can be yucky, but what are you gonna do? Most of the time they sure are cute so things kinds of even out.

lawlis42 said...

I agree that spitting is indeed unacceptable behavior, especially in the presence of one's partner or in public.
I have noticed a distinct lack of people practicing good manners in general. Why does it seem like we don't consider it appropriate to teach them anymore?

Anonymous said...

Baseball games on TV. Cameras are catching all kinds of stuff coming out of the players mouths.


norby said...

I can't comment on the spitting, but I had to grow a mold plate for microbiology class last quarter. I left it in my car for an hour then let it incubate at room temp for an hour.

It was disgusting. I'm a little afraid of my car now.