Thursday, March 03, 2005

“An innocent girl, a harmless driver. What could possibly go wrong?”

The Movie: License to Drive, 1988 (Neil Tolkin, screenwriter; Greg Beeman, dir.)
Who says it: Corey Haim as Les, a teenager who has just flunked his driver’s test.
The context: Les plans to take his date (Heather Graham) out in the car anyway.
How to use it: To invite catastrophe.

Don't worry, nothing's wrong with the car. I just think this line is funny -- I'm not ashamed to say that I think this movie is funny -- and I'm shocked to realize that this blog has yet to include any of the work of the two Coreys. (I was sure I'd used a line from The Lost Boys by now, but apparently not.)

Anyway, it's still winter here in central Maine. Yesterday I had several errands to run in the center of town, and had to make the decision: take the car, or not? It's only a mile's walk from my apartment to the library, which is at the far end of town. But the temperature was about 18, and I needed to stop at the post office, the grocery store and the hardware store as well.

I decided not to risk it. They say most accidents happen within five miles of home, so I think I'll wait to take the car out until I'm going a little further afield.

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