Saturday, March 19, 2005

“We’re supposed to be in color!”

The Movie: Pleasantville, 1998 (Gary Ross, screenwriter and dir.)
Who says it: Reese Witherspoon as high school student Jennifer Wagner
The context: Jennifer and her brother, David (Tobey Maguire), have been transported to the fictional world of Pleasantville, the setting of a black-and-white TV show, where they are Mary Sue and Bud Parker.
How to use it: To snap yourself back to life and reality.

Spring is here. It arrived last Monday morning, early, with the authority and abruptness of a high-speed train. I didn't want to say anything at first, because I wasn't sure it would last. But the earth has rotated on its axis, the birds are back in the sky, and Dizzy saw his first squirrel of the new year on Wednesday morning. The snow is melting fast, and the lakes have signs that say, "DANGER -- THIN ICE." I saw a pile of "2004-05 Guide to Ice Fishing in Maine" booklets in the trash at the Rite Aid the other day.

I have many, many things to do today, and a nice sinus headache to keep me company on my rounds, so I'll keep it short. The Kennebec ice cutter is moored down at Gardiner landing this morning; we're walking downtown to take a look.

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