Monday, March 28, 2005

“Where are you going? I was gonna make espresso…”

The Movie: Young Frankenstein, 1974 (Gene Wilder and Mel Brooks, screenwriters, from the novel by Mary Shelley; Mel Brooks, dir.)
Who says it: Gene Hackman as the Blind Man
The context: The Monster (Peter Boyle) flees the Blind Man’s cottage.
How to use it: To keep someone from leaving too soon.

A neighbor in Los Angeles used to call Dizzy "the happiest dog in Hollywood." Now he's the happiest dog in central Maine. My brother Ed said, "He always looks like he expects something good to happen."

Dizzy's favorite thing in the whole world is company -- so when I took the lovely and amazing Claire Bea back to Logan Airport this morning, the expression on Dizzy's face was tragic. If he could have said this line, he would have.

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