Thursday, March 30, 2006

Ice going out

Who uses it: New Englanders
What it means: The day when the last of the ice disappears from a lake or river.
How you can use it: To celebrate spring.

Anna discusses this term (with pictures) at her blog; she and her husband live on China Lake, where the annual going-out of the ice is a big event.

Fishermen are out in force along the Kennebec River. A sign at Gardiner Landing reminds everyone that fishermen are limited to no more than two quarts of smelt a day between March 15 and June 15... I can't imagine what anyone would do with two quarts of smelt (a small fish like a sardine), so the limit doesn't change my lifestyle any.

I didn't wear The Coat at all yesterday, and it'll be even warmer today. It's weird, I feel kind of defenseless without it.


Anna said...

Now you have to shed those "ginormous" boot/shoes and you'll feel light as a feather! When did people start using the word "ginormous"? It bugs me, but I find myself using it!

Anna of the Sisterhood of the Fancy Night Shoes

AnswerGirl said...

I wore my Lacoste ballerina flats this afternoon, but I'm afraid it's time to retire them... they're looking too shabby and the Velcro on one of the straps is shot.

Time to go shoe shopping (again)!