Saturday, March 11, 2006

Mud season

Who uses it: New Englanders
What it means: The time after the snow melts before summer comes, when everything on the planet is covered in muck.
How you can use it: Right now.

We got three inches of snow on Thursday night, and today's temperature will be close to 50 degrees. The result is that everything -- everything -- is covered with an inch-deep layer of mud. That includes sidewalks, many streets, my parking lot, and Dizzy, who loves this time of year more than any other.

I no longer remember what color my car used to be. I haven't seen the color of its carpeting in months.

This morning I'm rushing out the door to Hallowell, because we have to move the set dressing, sound and lighting equipment from City Hall to Maple Hill Farm, the site of tonight's Gaslight Theater fundraiser. Anna, Tarren and Lek came with me to last night's performance, and a fine time it was. I'll post a longer review tomorrow.

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Anna said...

We have five inch ruts of mud in our driveway and our fireroad isn't much better. Wear boots tonight, Elle!