Monday, June 04, 2007

Do witches wear bras?

Who's asking: Lilly Dean, Mechanicsville, VA

Lilly, I should say, is still quite small and at least seven or eight years away from any practical knowledge of bras. But this question stumped her mother, so I'm happy to take a crack at it.

Yes, witches wear bras, and if they don't, they should. Proper support is important for looking and feeling one's best. Even if someone has magic powers that might render a bra unnecessary, why waste those powers on doing something that a piece of clothing can?

This afternoon I'm in Westchester County, visiting my Uncle Eddie and Aunt Marie. Last night I made fun of a friend for whining about getting caught in the rain, so this morning instant karma sent me trudging through the streets of Ditmas Park in a tropical storm, dragging two rolling cases and two bookbags to the Q train. It makes me wonder whether my friend has some magical powers of his own -- because really, if I had them, that's exactly the sort of thing I'd do.

Which is why it's best for everyone that I don't...


Jim Winter said...

Well, an old girlfriend who practiced "the faith" was prone to wear forerunners of the modern Wonderbra.

One of the reasons she was my girlfriend.

OK, so I was young, stupid, and hormonally imbalanced.

Anonymous said...

In Roman Polanski's "MacBeth" they certainly didn't!

JIM LAMB said...

Don't worry about the rain. As an old salt of a chief used to tell his sailors when they complained about working in the rain, "It can't hurt, there's no soap in it."

On the other hand, it can't help because there's no salt in it either.

Have a good trip home.