Saturday, June 09, 2007

Why do they call it "commencement" if you're finishing school?

Who's asking: Paul Tomme, Arlington, TX

Because school's just training for the rest of your life. The end of school is the beginning of Everything Else -- my mental image is of ships being launched onto the open sea, the great voyage ahead.

I met some friends last night for early drinks and dinner at the Lone Star Steakhouse in Augusta, which is a perfectly fine chain restaurant -- on a level with Outback, say -- and drove around a white stretch limousine in the parking lot. A group of middle school students on the way to the Gardiner Regional Middle School's spring formal were having dinner at the Lone Star as well. They looked shiny and pretty and nervous, rehearsing for proms and bigger things to come.

"I wouldn't come here for my prom," Jen said, but that raised the question: in Augusta, where would you go? If you want fine dining in the greater Augusta area, your choices are the Senator Inn, or driving to Waterville or Brunswick. I can imagine that the idea of driving to Waterville or Brunswick for dinner -- 20-30 miles, depending -- would be pretty daunting to the average 13-year-old, even if you did have a stretch limousine to take you.

In Hallowell today, taking a break from set construction and light-hanging for LUCKY STIFF, which opens in a mere 12 days. Performances will sell out, so if you want to see it, make your reservations now by calling 207-626-3698.


Anonymous said...

Oh,you were posting

I thought you were sitting back admiring the work we had done


AnswerGirl said...

Actually, I was sending off the last batch of bios for the LUCKY STIFF program -- THEN I was posting!

But I was admiring the work all the while...

Anonymous said...

They may call it commencement because now you can commence repaying all those loans...