Monday, June 18, 2007

What's the next blog theme going to be?

Who's asking: Various people

I have no idea. We're six weeks out from the end of July, and my annual month-long hiatus. I do plan to bring the blog back in September -- frankly, I don't know what I'd do without it -- but I don't know what the new format will be.

I've thought about going back to the movie quotes, since I've given it a two-year break, but I kind of hate to revisit old territory. I've also thought about music quotes or quotations from books, but those don't have the same resonance, and the temptation would be great to get really esoteric and pseudo-intellectual. Also, the music quotes would probably be heavily weighted toward 1980s New Wave, serving only to remind me and everyone else of just how old I'm getting.

Suggestions, anyone?

Oh, and a bit of blatant self-promotion: the transcript of my Mystery Bookstore interview with John Connolly is now online here. The podcast should be live sometime soon, but I'm going to go back and transcribe my earlier author interviews as well, and eventually they'll all live on The Mystery Bookstore's website. At some point, we might collect them in a special edition for the store's loyal customers...


Anonymous said...

Movie quotes rocked. Bring'em back alive, to quote Brisco County, Jr.

I just finally watched Bubba Ho-tep, and this was the bomb-biggetty-bomb quote:

"I'll be damned if I let some foreign, graffiti writin', soul suckin', son of a bitch in an oversized cowboy hat and boots take my friend's souls and shit 'em down the visitors toilet!"

No explication needed.

-- Ed

Anonymous said...

Song lyrics? misheard song lyrics

Lines from stage plays rather than movies?


AnswerGirl said...

I don't think I could get an entire year out of misheard song lyrics, though it's a good idea for a week.

And lines from stage plays would expose me as an impostor in the world of theater much, much too quickly...