Tuesday, January 06, 2009

I do not know how to dispose of synthetic clothing.

I'm making an effort to be more organized in the New Year, I swear I am. So far it's not going well; witness the fact that I'm just now getting around to the blog, at ten minutes to two in the afternoon. I also just realized that I'm hungry, and haven't eaten anything since a bowl of shockingly expensive cherries about four hours ago. (They were worth it, though. In fact, I think I'll have some more for lunch.)

Anyway, one of my organizational goals is to give away or throw away everything I don't wear any more, for whatever reason. That pink suit that was a staple of my work wardrobe, c. 1999? I will never have a reason to wear it again, and anyway it looks like something I wore in the '90s. To the clothing bank it goes.

And here's a fleece sweatshirt whose sleeves are just too grubby for polite company. It's years of ground-in pencil dust and newsprint and who knows what; it's time to retire this thing.

But it's made of some space-age fiber woven from (I think) recycled plastic bottles. If you held it to a flame, it would probably melt instead of burning. So what do I do with it? Is anyone recycling these garments made of recycled materials? I don't want to let it sit in a landfill forever, since it was already saved once.

I'm tempted to try to melt it down and see if I can turn it into Shrinky Dinks. Or maybe some insulating plastic for my windows.


eviljwinter said...

If it's ratty, I'd try to use it for rags before tossing it. Since it's made from recycled fiber, maybe re-recycle it?

Judy Bobalik said...

Many thrift shops bundle old clothes and sell them for rags. You could try that.