Wednesday, January 07, 2009

I don't know whether to cancel tonight's rehearsal.

The weather is bad. It's wet snow right now, supposed to change to sleet and freezing rain this afternoon. I walked Dizzy this morning and nearly lost my footing, despite my ice spikes, and I saw a car slide at the stop sign at the corner.

Rehearsals for Bell, Book & Candle are supposed to start tonight, but I may have to cancel. I feel a sense of urgency about getting started -- it's a short rehearsal time to begin with -- but amateur theatricals aren't worth an accident.

Frustrations of living in Maine in January. Hovercrafts would solve these problems.

Five Random Songs

"Just a Thought," Gnarls Barkley. This CD (St. Elsewhere) makes me think of summer, since that was when I first heard it. Summer... it's summer in South America right now. Also in Australia. And Africa. Maybe I should go there.

"Anything but Strong," Eurhythmics. It sounds like a love song, but it's actually a reproach. Too depressing. Next.

"Love is a Stranger," Eurhythmics. Hey, random. A song from their earlier, dance music years.

"Moon on My Shoulder," Lyle Lovett. A lonely waltz from I Love Everybody. Ack, I need something more cheerful.

"Blue Angel," Roy Orbison. About as cheerful as Roy Orbison ever gets...


Bea said...

Cheer up. Your second Christmas/Birthday present from me ships tomorrow from Amazon. Call me when you get it and I'll direct you to a helpful reference for it.

AnswerGirl said...

Aw, thanks! I'm sending you something, too...

Anonymous said...

There are many other Cheery Lyle Lovett songs to choose from,

'Penguins' is a favourite of mine