Wednesday, January 14, 2009

I don't know how to blow-dry my hair.

Current temperature on my weather widget: 9F. It's actually warmer than it was this morning, when the thermometer said 8F. I don't notice a big difference, and it's sunny, which is deceptive. When I took Dizzy out this morning, I said, "This is not so bad," but I had to turn around two blocks later because my hands were so cold -- inside my gloves -- that my fingers felt like knives. I'm going to have to buy some of those chemical handwarmers, and I also really need a thicker pair of gloves.

But this time of year creates a dilemma, because I'm used to washing my hair in the mornings, and I do not like to use a blow-dryer. I have vast quantities of messy, frizzy hair, and I've never learned to use a blow-dryer properly; a hairstylist can blow it dry so that it looks all smooth and nice, but I have neither the skill nor the patience to do that. It takes forever, and it's boring.

Ordinarly I let my hair air-dry, and if I use enough goop it does not frizz too badly. In this weather, that is not an option; wet hair freezes as fast as it hits the air.

It's one of those skills that girls learn from each other at slumber parties and sleepovers, except that I never did, because I was 11 in seventh grade and missed that key sixth-grade year where everyone else learned that stuff. At least, that's my excuse.

Five Random Songs

"Was It You?", Spoon. I like Spoon a lot, but they sound like several other bands I like, and I don't always recognize their sound.

"Dancing Shoes," Arctic Monkeys. This CD was oversold to me, but I do like it.

"Clap Your Hands," They Might Be Giants. Yes, it's off a children's album. Good music is good music, and besides, the opening bars sound like that great 1980s German band, Trio.

"Alalakay," Mamadou Diabate. A beautiful instrumental, featuring a stringed instrument called a kora.

"Hey, Wow," The Connells. My favorite pop song about mental illness. "I've been paralyzed/By a choice that lies/Well inside of me..."

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