Friday, September 25, 2009

Five Random Questions with JENNIFER JORDAN

Renaissance woman Jennifer Jordan is, among other things, the fiction editor of Crimespree magazine, and the editor of two excellent collections of short fiction: EXPLETIVE DELETED and UNCAGE ME. You can buy both of these from The Mystery Bookstore-Los Angeles, and I suggest that you do so before this year's Bouchercon (the World Mystery Convention), where many of the contributors will be happy to sign them for you.

1. What is the first book you remember being able to read all by yourself?

Oh! Katy and the Big Snow! That was the year I learned to tie my own shoelaces after having my friend Carol tie them for the whole year. When I tied my own, the entire class applauded. Ah. The same year I broke the Naughty Chair in kindergarten. A banner year.

2. Can you play a musical instrument?

Badly, can I play a few. Well? Not a damned one. Yoda-like can I type.

Which one, if any, would you most like to learn?

Just to be able to sing without making people (including me) wince or laugh.

3. What would you request for a last meal?

A Never Ending Pasta Bowl.

No. No, I wouldn’t.

It would have to be a lovely piece of cow still mooing that morning, made bloody and served with a pinot noir.

4. What non-email website do you visit most?

Fark. All those headlines full of human idiocy. Visual Thesaurus is a new favorite and should be with all who love to literally play with words.

5. Santa Claus is bringing you a gift certificate to the store of your choice this year. Which store, and what do you spend it on?

Apple store. I love those Apple boys with their “slept in” hair and geek boy style. I love all the gadgets and brightly colored stuff to put on gadgets and things to turn your gadgets into mega-gadgets that can communicate with other mega-gadgets. Mmmmmm . . .


AnswerGirl said...

Wow, you could tie your shoes in kindergarten? I didn't figure it out until second grade. Seriously.

But I want to hear more about this naughty chair. What did you do to earn it, and how did you break it?

Jen Jordan said...

It was my birthday. Perhaps my joviality got on the teachers nerves. She sent me to the Naughty Chair which was the only one in the room in a lacquered red. Slightly teary, I sat down. When I reached down with my left hand to straighten myself, a rather large piece of red lacquered wood cracked off. The teacher was livid.

When I arrived home, crying, my aunt told me that if I cried on my birthday I would cry the whole year. Five years old and I was doomed.

AnswerGirl said...

Wow, that's terrible! Your five-year-old self deserves extra cake for that.

Tom Ehrenfeld said...

Wow, you guys can tie your shoes?

JIM LAMB said...

I'm not sure if Answer Girl can. I seem to remember her twin sister doing it for her. Or, maybe that is just another false memory planted by those LGM's from the UFO.

AnswerGirl said...

Dad, I had learned by the time I started second grade. And then I learned to sail, so I'm good at knots now!

Chandra + Kris said...

loved the interview, and love Jennifer's blog -- am actually hunting for information on a picture on Human under Construction- the one with the cow chasing the cat? I want to buy a print! where did you find it?