Tuesday, September 01, 2009

Five Things I Did Last Month (instead of blogging)

Welcome back, everybody! I'm still tinkering with the template, so changes may continue for the next week or two. (I really need to take an HTML class...) If you'd like me to link to your blog or website while I'm still making these changes, send me an email.

Here it is the beginning of September, and many of the projects I planned for August remain undone. The month wasn't completely unproductive, though, so I'll ease into the new blog year with a list that's all about me. Going forward, I'm going to try very hard to make these lists NOT all about me; if that would be boring for me -- and it would -- it would be even more boring for you.

1. Got my car fixed. Several times. First the back brakes, then the front brakes. Also new brake fluid. And new windshield wipers, while I was at it. As longtime readers of this blog know, I drive a 2000 VW Beetle that is starting to show signs of age, not to mention hard and thankless use. Barring a lottery win, this is my car for the foreseeable future. The hundreds of dollars I spent last month were still less than a car payment.

2. Saw a lot of local theater. August is the height of Maine's summer repertory season, and I saw four plays in one week at the Theater at Monmouth (thanks to the kindness of my friend Frank and TAM's great rush-ticket deal). TAM's production of Twelfth Night was the most entertaining version I've ever seen, and their take on Hamlet was fascinating. I also saw Treasure Island at Lakewood Theater (the nation's oldest summer theater), and the magic of pirates is as strong as ever -- this show runs through the end of the week, and if you live in the area and have kids, you should take them. My own theater group, Gaslight, staged a hilarious and successful run of Five Women Wearing the Same Dress by Alan Ball, for which I ran the box office and did a lot of baking.

3. Got a really good part in a play. In town one weekend when I didn't expect to be, I drove up to Waterville to try out for Aqua City Actors Theatre's production of Doubt by John Patrick Shanley -- and got the part of Sister Aloysius, the older nun. No, I haven't seen the movie, and now I can't, until after our show closes. I am usually lower-key about this stuff, but I'll put it out there right now: this show means a lot to me. A lot. I think and hope it's going to be terrific. It runs at the Waterville Opera House Studio Theater on November 13, 14, 15, 20, 21, and 22. I would like you all to come. Consider this a personal invitation, and plan to help me celebrate my birthday on the 20th.

4. Went to Boston for the hometown launch of VANISHED by Joseph Finder. If you've had the TV on at all in the past month, you've probably seen Joe talking about the U.S. government's use and planned use of private contractors to carry out potentially illegal missions against foreign terrorists. It's something Joe might have made up, but it's real; he writes about it here and here. I don't necessarily agree with Joe's opinions on some of this stuff, but applaud him for bringing these issues into the light of day, and certainly the timing couldn't have been better for VANISHED. The launch was a great time, and let me hang out with several friends I don't see enough of. (Oh, and the book is good, too.)

5. Caught up -- some -- on my "to be read" pile. That'll be Friday's post, but I did manage to get through several books that had been languishing on the pile, as well as about half a dozen scripts under consideration for Gaslight's 2010 season. (That season will be announced in November, in the program for our fall show, Rabbit Hole by David Lindsay-Abaire.)

What did you do with your August?


Anonymous said...

Welcome back. Looks like you had a busy summer. Missed checking your posts. Good luck with the new theme. It should be interesting. Kit

Moira said...

Hey cuz - I dig the new format. And way to go on getting the star, aka Meryl Streep roll , in Doubt. That is fantastic! Look forward to your reading list on Friday. I am reading Babel Tower by A.S. Byatt, my first book by her. Took a bit to "get into" but now I am there. Didn't ever wan to read Possession because I saw the movie. Perhaps should reconsider. xo, M

Natasha Fondren said...

You're back! I have a 95 Jeep that I love, (Ohmigosh, you should see the pics! Pretty!) But every time I go in, they tell me I should just get a new car. I try to run the numbers, and it just doesn't play out. How is $700-$1000 in repairs more expensive than $4800 in car payments?

We are such a disposable society these days.

And, WOW! awesome! I loved the movie! Congratulations!

Kevin Wignall said...

Wow, apart from also tackling the tbr pile (and even then, probably read a fraction of what you read) I'm not sure that I did anything in August.

Great news about getting such a good part in the play!

And welcome back.

Anonymous said...

welcome back. Missed my daily Lamb fix.
Richard B.

AnswerGirl said...

Moira, POSSESSION is a book I go back to at least once a year. The less said about the movie, the better; I can't even consider it a noble failure (which I'm willing to concede to the film version of THE FRENCH LIEUTENANT'S WOMAN).

John Schramm said...

Welcome back! I think the new front page looks fine. I may be able to help with the HTML.

As for August, I remained unemployed, but I wrote about 4000 words of my novel. I sweletered in the heat. I almost finished THE READER. And started two IT classes -- Windows Server and Cisco Networking.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back! Love the picture of you and the new look. Would also love to read a "Five Things I Love About Maine" post.