Saturday, September 19, 2009

Five Random Songs

I'm heading to Bangor today for BangPop!, the Comic & Pop Culture Convention -- yes, I am a geek, but in my own defense, I am going only because Freeport Community Players and Gaslight Theater are giving a preview of excerpts from An American Werewolf in London, the US theatrical premiere -- which you can see for FREE in its entirety on October 30 and 31 at the Freeport Performing Arts Center. Come one, come all, some material may not be suitable for children.

Five random songs for a Saturday morning:

1. "Rollin'," JJ Cale. A near-perfect cover of the Randy Newman classic; Newman sings backup. It's a much cheerier version than Newman's original, and a great tune to start the weekend. "Never drink in the afternoon/Never drink alone/But I sure do like a drink or two/When I get home."

2. "Get in Line," Barenaked Ladies. I've gotta go see my doctor about this itchy pentagram-shaped rash . . .

3. "A New Argentina," from the Evita soundtrack. The big number that closes Act I, combining several styles and tempos until it all come together into one soaring march at the end. Say what you want about Andrew Lloyd Webber (and I have), this number is brilliant. Makes me want to go find a uniform. "We have ways of making you vote for us/Or at least of making you abstain." (Oh, and did I mention that The Mystery Bookstore is campaigning for Best Independent Bookstore on the MyFoxLA Hot List? Vote for us here.)

4. "Shredding the Document," John Hiatt. A strangely political set this morning; this was a single off Walk On.

5. "U.M.C. (Upper Middle Class)," Bob Seger. Dang, now I want to go out for a little social activism. Wonder if there's a Habitat build going on between here and Bangor . . .

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