Friday, October 09, 2009

Five Random Questions with LIBBY FISCHER HELLMANN

Libby Fischer Hellmann is that rarity, a native of Washington, DC. She now lives in Chicago, where she writes mysteries -- the Ellie Foreman series, featuring a videographer, and now the Georgia Davis series, featuring a PI. Georgia and Ellie join forces in DOUBLEBACK, in bookstores now; Libby will discuss DOUBLEBACK at The Mystery Bookstore with Keith Raffel on October 31. A former speechwriter and current communications professional, Libby is part of The Outfit blog. She is smart and funny and deserves your attention.

1. Do you have a signature fragrance?

I do. I use Donna Karan’s Black Cashmere, which unfortunately isn’t being sold any more, so I’m buying “remainders” on the internet . . . (sigh)

2. What book have you/do you reread most often?

This stumped me. I don’t usually reread fiction, except in little pieces, for research or reference. But in another life, when I was writing corporate speeches, I used to refer to Clifton Fadiman’s Book of Anecdotes a lot.

3. Six of your closest friends are coming to dinner. What are you serving?

Um, are you suggesting I should have a dinner party? I haven’t in a while, so I’m way overdue. Hmmm . . . what to serve? I’m not a great cook, but I do a few dishes well. Cornish hen, glazed with a cranberry sauce, on a bed of spinach leaves and bacon goes over pretty well, along with couscous and a vegetable. For dessert I usually do a chocolate pot de crème, or apple crisp, both of which are delicious and ridiculously easy to prepare. Oh, and since it’s fall, I can do a really good pumpkin soup.

When should I expect you?

4. A major university invites you to teach a semester-long course of your own creation. What's the class, and what are the prerequisites?

Probably the “50 Best Films of All Time” . . . or the evolution of the Beatles’ music. Or the Politics of the Sixties. Or the history of television news. (You know . . . these courses sound pretty cool. Wish I could take them.) As for prerequisites . . . it would help if students and/or their parents lived through the Sixties. It would be even better if they remember them.

5. What superpower would you most want to have?

It’s a toss-up – an invisibility cloak would be nice. But so would x-ray vision. And I’ve always wanted to be the fly on the wall . . .

Thanks, Libby! Libby's in Madison, WI tomorrow, and hosts a launch party for DOUBLEBACK on Sunday afternoon in Northbrook, IL. Find out where she's touring here, and catch her Bouchercon panel: "Issues, Entertainment, or Both? Can mysteries effectively examine social issues or are they mere entertainments?" with Carl Brookins (Moderator), Cara Black, Mark Coggins and Mark T. Sullivan, at 1:00 p.m. on Saturday, October 17.


Claire said...

Boy, that dinner sounds amazing. I would eat that dinner right now for breakfast.

AnswerGirl said...

Me too. In fact, I might make some pumpkin soup this afternoon.