Saturday, October 24, 2009

Five Random Songs

A rainy Saturday, and I'm not going to get to the Boston Book Festival today — too much to do up here. If you're anywhere near Boston, though, you should go, especially to see Joseph Finder in conversation with Stephen L. Carter, Andre Dubus III, and terrorism expert Jessica Stern at the Boston Public Library at 4:00 this afternoon. Wish I could be there.

1. "Go to the Mirror," The Who. The heart of the rock opera Tommy. "Listening to you, I get the music/Gazing at you, I get the heat/Following you, I climb the mountain/I get excitement at your feet."

2. "Lover, You Should Have Come Over," Jeff Buckley. From Grace, an album so beautiful that every time I hear a track from it I don't know why I'm not listening to it constantly.

3. "So Hard (D. Morales Red Zone Mix)," The Pet Shop Boys. That's right. Not only do I have The Pet Shop Boys in my iTunes playlist, I have Pet Shop Boys disco remixes in my iTunes playlist. Deal with it.

4. "Keep Me in Your Heart," Warren Zevon. From his last album, The Wind. My mother loved this song. Too sad for a rainy morning, especially when I have been missing Mom so much lately. Next.

5. "If He Can't Have You," Whiskeytown. Not that Ryan Adams isn't fine as a solo artist, but I cherish hopes of a Whiskeytown reunion. I've heard rumors, and I hope they're true.

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