Saturday, October 03, 2009

Five Random Songs

A rainy Saturday morning, and I'm up early. Lots of things on today's calendar, which the rain may interfere with to varying degrees — but Julia Spencer-Fleming is speaking at the Bridge Academy Public Library in Dresden this evening, and that won't get rained out. See you there?

1. "Win Your Love for Me," Sam Cooke. Everybody cha-cha . . . "If you'd only come to me, this torch I wouldn't have to carry . . ." There's been talk for years about a Sam Cooke biopic, and now it sounds like it might finally be made. I'll pay to see it.

2. "Hey World (Don't Give Up Version)," Michael Franti. This was on a sampler of music from the ANTI- label, and I've been meaning ever since to buy more of Franti's work. It's cool, soulful folk-rock with a gorgeous production sound, both clean and full.

3. "Play the Game," Queen. Speaking of gorgeous production sound . . . no one ever made unrequited love feel so heroic. And are you watching "Glee," by the way? If not, why not?

4. "Shine a Little Love," ELO. A wall-of-sound set on the iTunes shuffle this morning! This collection (Magic: The Best of Electric Light Orchestra) is musical Prozac. Those Glee kids need to sing some ELO.

5. "Knock Loud," Neko Case. Well, and this would be the opposite of high production values: a live recording from a set "At Mojo's, in Columbia, MO, 2002," that sounds as if it were taped inside a coffee can. Being Neko Case, though, of course it works.


Laura Benedict said...

Oh, ELO is so cute!

Hope your day went well. xo

Sam's Neph said...

"Win Your Love For Me?" Not one of Sam's biggest songs, but a great one nevertheless. Like most of his major hits, Sam wrote this one, too. Glad to see it mentioned here!

Erik Greene
Author, "Our Uncle Sam: The Sam Cooke Story From His Family's Perspective"

AnswerGirl said...

Very cool — thanks for stopping by!