Friday, February 19, 2010

Five Random Questions with CHUCK HOGAN

Chuck Hogan is the author of five novels written alone and one, THE STRAIN, written with Guillermo del Toro. "The Town," a film by Ben Affleck based on Hogan's award-winning novel PRINCE OF THIEVES, will hit theaters this summer. His new book, DEVILS IN EXILE, is in stores now. He's a pal, and agreed to answer Five Random Questions while I drive south again.

1. Peanut butter: smooth or chunky?


2. How old will your children need to be before you let them read your books, and which one would you want them to start with?

My guess is that they will at some point sneak off and read them without asking permission first. But if they were to ask me, I would assign them THE BLOOD ARTISTS, a book without any swearing, sex, or guns - but lots of chills, weirdness, and intrigue.

3. Who's your favorite James Bond villain, and why?

Sir Hugo Drax. I love that people dismiss Moonraker as a silly absurdity among Bond movies. Hello? You were expecting maybe a Cold War documentary? Best pre-credit sequence, best closing gag, plus terrific stunt work (cable car fight!), and Jaws. Awesome.

4. Did the end of The Curse make any difference in your attitude toward the Boston Red Sox? Do you care more or less about baseball now that the Red Sox are true contenders?

I actually thought there would be a huge letdown among fans after winning the 2004 World Series, but then the opposite happened. For me, I care the same no matter whether the Sox are in first place or last.

5. If you could be appointed rather than elected to any public office, which one would you want?

Vice President. Light on responsibilities, but you get a front row seat.

Thanks, Chuck! DEVILS IN EXILE is excellent, and the second book in The Strain trilogy, THE FALL, will be out in September.

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