Saturday, February 20, 2010

Five Random Songs

The universe has decided to mock every statement I've made this week about my plans, my schedule, the pace of my workload, etc. If this is going to happen anyway — and I submit that it is — is it any wonder I embrace the random?

Dizzy and I head south today, but posting continues as usual. Five random songs to get the morning started:

1. "Sleep Better," Pete Yorn. Thinking about breaking up with someone? Listen to this song, which makes the point that breaking up with someone doesn't change yourself. Lord, this is a depressing song.

2. "Start a War," National. And what do you know, a song about a last-ditch effort to save a failing relationship. "You were always weird, but I never had to hold you by the edges like I do now."

3. "Dreamland," Caetano Veloso. A cover of the Joni Mitchell song by a musician known as the "Bob Dylan of Brazil," whom I was unfamiliar with until my friend Tom gave me this album (A Tribute to Joni Mitchell). Great percussion on this track.

4. "Dead," Pixies. The weirdest track off Doolittle: no real melody, just percussion and electronic riffs, with Black Francis chanting words that seem almost random. If you know what this song is about (Scott L?), leave your thoughts below.

5. "Lift Me Up," Christina Aguilera. Wow, this is what "random" gets you. This is a track off the Hope for Haiti Now album, which I felt it was my duty to buy, and I can safely say it's the only Christina Aguilera track I own. There's nothing wrong with it or her — it's a super-emotive power pop ballad — it's just not my taste.


Kevin Wignall said...

Caetano Veloso is a legend. He has a great cameo in what is probably my favourite Almodovar film, "Hable con Ella" (Talk to Her) singing the sublime "Cucurrucucu Paloma" (sp?).

AnswerGirl said...

One more example of how little we Americans know about what the rest of the world loves . . .