Saturday, February 27, 2010

Five Random Songs

Oh, look, a dusting of snow. When did that fall? Washington's getting the winter that appears to have left central Maine early. I have no idea what I'm doing awake at this hour, except that I have a good bit of work to do today. Here are five tunes brought to you by the iTunes "shuffle" function:

1. "I Try," Macy Gray. I think this (On How Life Is) was the first new CD I bought after moving to Los Angeles, after hearing this song on KCRW.

2. "Bring Down the Lamp," Shane MacGowan & The Popes. A swirling, frantic reel of penny whistle, drums and banjo, off MacGowan's solo release The Snake. The Snake was not available in the US for many years, and I don't remember where I bought this CD; it might have been in Heathrow Airport, or it might have been as an import at Amoeba Music in Hollywood.

3. "God Save the People," Steve Nathan & Company, from the Godspell soundtrack. I've owned this soundtrack in four formats: cassette, vinyl, CD and MP3. In the days immediately after September 11, 2001, I played this one track over and over on a cassette in my car, rewinding and playing so often the tape eventually broke.

I found this video version on YouTube, from a Filipino production in 2008:

4. "For No One," The Beatles. The end of a relationship in 2:02. Sometimes there's no drama; things just end, while you weren't even noticing. The trumpet counterpoint is devastating.

5. "It's All Over Now, Baby Blue," Van Morrison. A cover of the Bob Dylan tune, almost as old as I am. Van Morrison's voice has improved with age, or maybe he's just learned how to use it better.

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