Saturday, February 06, 2010

Five Random Songs

I complained about the snow, but now I feel a little guilty about being in Maine, where the ground has bare spots, when the DC area is under 18 inches and counting. It's all about finding the happy medium . . . friends of mine are competing in today's US National Toboggan Championships, and a little extra snow would probably be welcome. Other than that, it's a perfect day for it: sunny, still, temperatures in the low 20s. Winter in Maine doesn't get much better than this, and Dizzy and I will probably take a long walk this afternoon.

In the meantime, here are five random songs off the iPod Shuffle.

1. "Green Island," The Skatalites. An instrumental that's heavy on the horns. This CD, a best-of collection, was a gift from my friend Tom, who knows my affection for both ska and trumpets.

2. "Prince of Peace," School of Seven Bells. Another gift, this one a Christmas present from a friend who is my main source of music produced in this century. Thanks, John!

3. "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds," The Beatles. See what I mean? I bought this album myself, and originally owned it on vinyl.

4. "Black Cadillac," Rosanne Cash. My friend Jen gave me this CD after Mom died, and I gave copies to my siblings. I listened to it nonstop for months, and never got tired of it. I'm still not tired of it. "It's a lonely world/Guess it always was/Minus you/And minus blood, my blood."

5. "Drive South," John Hiatt. If my post about great driving songs had run to ten, this song would have made this list. Of course, driving south wouldn't be a great idea today, but in general . . .

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Sue Lin said...

Love your John Hiatt on music to drive to. My favorite driving album is an oldie - Willie Nelson/Leon Russell's "One for the Road."