Friday, February 04, 2011

"If I get home before daylight/I just might get some sleep tonight."

The Song: "Friend of the Devil," the Grateful Dead. Music by Jerry Garcia & John Dawson; lyrics by Robert Hunter. Track 2 of American Beauty, 1970.
When/how acquired: Purchased cassette tape, c. 1990.
Listen/watch here.

Got home a little after 12:30 this morning. Up early to pick up Dizzy, who's been sleeping most of the day. Scrambling to catch up with everything that came in over the past six days, plus everything that piled up during my January doldrums.

In other words, I got nothing, unless you want a piece of the meltdown I treated my father to over the phone this morning. Sorry, Dad.

Tune in tomorrow for a guest post by the author of one of the more useful and entertaining books that's crossed my desk recently.

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