Tuesday, February 08, 2011

"I'm sick of myself when I look at you/Something as beautiful and true."

The Song: "Sick of Myself," Matthew Sweet. Words & music by Matthew Sweet. Track 1 of 100% Fun, 1995.
When/how acquired: Purchased CD, 1995.
Listen/watch here.

Matthew Sweet's music was the soundtrack of the 1990s for me, from 1991's Girlfriend (one of the greatest albums of all time) to 1999's In Reverse (an album I admit I still don't entirely get). He's still making music, but I'm mildly shocked to discover how little I know about what he's been doing for the past ten years. It feels like losing touch with an old boyfriend.

I am sick, not of myself (although I'm almost always sick of myself) but in general. I assume this is some kind of virus, which would make going to the doctor pointless, but people say it's going around: sore throat, chills and fever, head twice the usual size, mild nausea and a general feeling that someone has been beating me with one of those big foam bats. Varying reports say this either blows right through or lingers for weeks; I'm praying for "blows right through."

Until it does, I am conserving my energy like a bristlecone pine, and might be scarce around here for the duration.

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Rachel said...

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