Tuesday, June 14, 2005

“I could set the building on fire.”

The Movie: Office Space, 1999 (Mike Judge, screenwriter and dir.)
Who says it: Stephen Root as Milton Waddams, the most pathetic employee of a giant, generic tech company
The context: Milton whispers this after he misses out on the office birthday cake again; he says different versions of this line throughout the movie, particularly when people keep taking his stapler.
How to use it: When no one is paying attention to you. You need to whisper it, like Milton does.

This line has no particular relevance to me today, it just cracks me up. My sister Kathy had suggested one of Milton's lines about his stapler, but I like this one better.

I'm a little distracted this morning -- too much to do, and I'm rushing out the door for a late breakfast at the A-1 with Anna and Jen. I'd rant about the Michael Jackson verdicts, but what can anyone say? When the Jackson family spokesman started talking about early plans for a "Victory Tour" yesterday afternoon, though, I had to turn off the TV and take the dog for a walk.

Dizzy brought a report card home from the kennel. It says, "Dizzy is a great dog! He is so sweet of nature." I'm so proud.

And happy birthday today to Michelle Clark Neely, also sweet of nature, who was no stranger to excellent report cards in her own day.

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