Sunday, June 19, 2005

“You wanna have a catch?”

The Movie: Field of Dreams, 1989 (Phil Alden Robinson, director and screenwriter, from the novel Shoeless Joe by W. R. Kinsella)
Who says it: Kevin Costner as Ray Kinsella, who has built a baseball field in his corn patch to give Shoeless Joe Jackson a place to play.
The context: At the end of the movie, a young version of Kinsella’s father comes from the other side to play on the Field of Dreams. Kinsella, who had always regretted turning down his father’s offer of a game of catch, gets a second chance.
How to use it: To invite your dad to do something, before it’s too late.

Too many of my friends have fathers who died too young. I feel so lucky that my dad and I have both lived long enough to become friends.

It's hard for both of us to say how we feel about each other, because we just don't do that kind of thing in my family -- but Dad, I hope you know how grateful I am to you, for everything. (Not least, as I said to one of my cousins last night, for the fact that I have never had to utter the phrase, "My father's girlfriend.")

Thanks, Dad. Happy Father's Day.

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Tom Ehrenfeld said...

Not to mention, of course, the phrase, "My father's wife," which of course can be all the more complicated should said woman, being of sound mind and body and really nice to boot, also happen to answer to the phrase "my father's divorce attorney" as well. Not that I'd have anything to say about that.

Nice post. I share your sentiment--grateful as well to my dad, and profoundly grateful to have had the time in life to form a relationship as an adult with him, to be able to call him a friend.