Saturday, December 17, 2005

Frazil ice

Who uses it: River navigators and hydrologists
What it means: needle-like structures or very thin, circular plates of ice that float on top of fast-moving water
How you can use it: To describe the Kennebec and the Cobbosseecontee, right now

Yesterday's snow turned to ice, and we lost power in the late afternoon. I'm not sure what caused the power outage, or how long it lasted, because Dizzy and I fled to the sanctuary of the Lechners', who had electricity, heat, food, beer, and a washing machine. Thanks, guys!

Today, in the sunshine, the ice on the trees is breathtakingly beautiful. It's all melting, because the temperature is up to 32 degrees, which feels tropical. Dizzy and I got home about an hour ago, and he's already passed out in a patch of sunlight. I may follow him in short order.

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