Sunday, February 26, 2006


Who uses it: Film critics
What it means: Resembling the films of Italian director Federico Fellini; excessive to the point of surrealism, and grotesque but beautiful (or beautiful, but grotesque)
How you can use it: If you don't see opportunities every day, you're not paying close enough attention.

A bumper sticker on a pick-up truck I saw in downtown Washington said "Who would Jesus bomb?" What I love about that is that it told me nothing about whether the truck belonged to a right-wing wacko or a left-wing wacko.

If you want Felliniesque, the Olympic closing ceremonies were a good example, but deliberately so. The best Fellini moments are unselfconscious.

And before we bid arrivederci to the Torino Olympics, I'll state for the record that Bode Miller is a jerk. Were I a contributor to the US Ski Federation, I would insist that he be kicked off the team and reimburse all contributors the cost of his trip to Turin, plus the cost of all Olympics-related training and equipment. If he didn't really care so much about winning, why did he take the place of someone who might have cared a lot more? Karma is about to smack him hard, and let's hope he fades away into well-deserved oblivion.

I'm posting late today because I spent most of the day at the Virginia Aquarium with my dad, Peggy & Scott and the kids, and my sister Susan. Henry was a little concerned that all the creatures stay on their own side of the acrylic windows, but he was willing to pose for a photo inside a papier-mache shark's head. If I get a copy of that picture, I'll post it here.

Happy anniversary to my sister Kathy and her husband, Adam, who celebrate their 19th in the Navy way; he's at sea.


James Lincoln Warren said...

Re: Bode Miller.

"F***in' A ditty bag," as we say in the military, meaning, "I do so agree."

Jennifer Lechner said...

I couldn't agree more with your comments about Bode Miller who is undeserving of further mention. I have also been ranting about NBC's coverage of the Olympics. I used to love the Olympics and almost couldn't bring myself to watch the events because of NBC's tedious coverage.