Saturday, May 12, 2007

Did you want any ARCs?

Who's asking: Joseph Finder, Boston, MA

It's still three months from publication, but Joseph Finder, his assistant Sarah and I (and a cast of dozens at Joe's publishing house and elsewhere) have already started the promotional campaign for Joe's next book, POWER PLAY.

The first shipment of advance reading copies reached Joe's office this week. Sarah and I have spent a fair amount of time over the past several months putting together a mailing list of people who should get them -- reviewers, bloggers, opinion-makers, contest winners -- but I hadn't thought to ask for any of my own, until Joe asked me.

So now I have a small box of advance copies of Power Play. Some are already spoken for, but to celebrate the launch of Joe's website redesign, I'll give the rest away to the first people who write and ask me for them. My e-mail address is on my profile, you'll see it if you click on my photo in the right-hand corner. Give me about a week to get them out, since I'll be traveling for the next few days.

Oh, and did I mention that Joe's new website is up? It is, and it looks darn cool if I do say so myself. I am responsible only for content; the design comes from Joe Rivera and the fine folks at the Book Reporter Network. And I've already found a mistake in the text, but such is life. If everything were perfect, I'd be out of a job.

In fact, if you find the error, I'll send you an ARC just for that. Just e-mail it to me, okay? Don't embarrass me by leaving it in the comments section...


The Mystery Bookstore said...

We want an ARC or two, of course. But I figure you knew that...

Is Joe touring the West for his new book?


AnswerGirl said...

I'll make sure you guys get some ARCs, Linda.

Joe's tour is still in the planning stages -- of course I hope he'll be at The Mystery Bookstore, but I have no information yet.