Thursday, May 31, 2007

Why are red bell peppers so much more expensive than green ones?

Who's asking: Peggy Lavinder, Mechanicsville, VA

Most varieties of bell pepper (sweet pepper) start out as green. Depending on their variety, they may ripen into colors ranging from yellow to chocolate brown. Peppers can be harvested when they're green, but leaving them on the plant to ripen to their final color takes time. The fully-ripened peppers don't keep as long as the immature green ones, and are more fragile to handle.

In Tribeca for the weekend, and my garden feels like a different planet. I don't expect much of it to be left when I get home on Monday night, but on Tuesday I'll re-trench (literally) and start over. Because, as a friend said to me, gardening is an existential exercise. The point is to keep trying in the face of certain failure, to learn to be a knight (a dame?) of faith.

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