Tuesday, September 21, 2004

The moment we've all been waiting for...

The car is done. It looks good, it drives perfectly. The final bill was more than $10,000, of which I paid $500. Much of the work seems to have been 1) cosmetic and 2) unrelated to the pothole, but it's not my fiduciary duty to point this out to my insurance company.

Dizzy and I will leave here tomorrow, and follow the route described earlier (L.A. - Flagstaff - Pagosa Springs, CO - Denver - Lincoln - St. Louis - Chicago - Pittsburgh - Maine). The one unknown is whether I'll try to make the Pittsburgh-Maine leg in a single day, but I won't decide that until I'm on the road.

Either way, I'll be in Boston on October 2, back here in Los Angeles on the 10th (ha ha!), and in Washington, DC on October 22. You'll have to check back to see where I am in between...

Thank you so much to everyone who's put up with me over the past six weeks. Let's close with some credits, shall we? This saga of misery has been brought to you by Progressive Insurance and the repair shop of Lou Ehlers Cadillac. Sanctuary provided by Gary Fleder; emotional counseling provided by friends and relations too numerous to list here, with special thanks to Maeve, Anahita, Ann Marie, Matt, Moira, Sheila and Greg for transportation along the way.

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