Monday, May 23, 2005

“Happiness is better than art.”

The Movie: Gaslight, 1944 (John Van Druten, Walter Reisch and John L. Balderston, screenwriters, from the play Angel Street by Patrick Hamilton; George Cukor, dir.)
Who says it: Emil Rameau as Maestro Mario Guardi, a music teacher
The context: Maestro Guardi tells Paula Alquist (Ingrid Bergman) that he is letting her go as a student, because she is so much in love that she can’t sing well any more.
How to use it: When your life distracts you from your work. I'm going to start saying this to people who ask me how my novel is going.

I was going to rant about the LeTourneau-Fualaau wedding today, but Tod Goldberg does such a masterful job of it on his blog that you should just go read what he says. Can you imagine anyone finding it romantic if it had been a male teacher and a female student, seduced at the age of 13?

What shocked me most, though, was the report that Ms. LeTourneau's teenaged daughter had served as maid-of-honor at the wedding. Presumably, the girl's father would have had to give his permission for this, and that appals me as much as anything else.

Don't get me wrong, I feel nothing but sympathy for that man. When you get married, you expect all kinds of potential difficulties: your wife might spend too much, your husband might drink too much, either one of you might get a little too flirtatious with the neighbors. What you don't expect is that your wife will cheat on you with a sixth-grader. It's something you don't defend your marriage against, because it's not on the menu of possibilities. At least, it isn't for sane people.

And look at that, I went off and ranted anyway. Sorry.

Because all I really wanted to do today was say "Herzlichen Glueckwunsch zum Geburtstag," an Therese Schulz, wer hat heute zwolf Jahren. Super toll. Alle Gute, heute und immer, Therese.


Guyot said...

God, what a good movie.

Anonymous said...

Hallo Ellen!
Vielen Dank--mein Geburtstag war toll.
Liebe Gruesse an dich und Dizzy.