Thursday, May 26, 2005

I believe in happiness.”

The Movie: Victor/Victoria, 1982 (Blake Edwards and Hans Hoemburg, from a 1933 screenplay by Reinhold Schünzel; Blake Edwards, dir.)
Who says it: Robert Preston as Carroll Todd, lounge performer and impresario
The context: Victoria Grant (Julie Andrews), disguised as drag queen Victor Grezhinski, asks her best friend, “Don’t you believe in shame?”
How to use it: When deciding to break a rule for the greater good.

I'm off to Washington, D.C., today, and then on to Virginia Beach for some family time. It's still raining here, but the weather reports suggest that Virginia Beach may be not only sunny but hot this weekend. I have no idea what to pack. I'm not exposing these legs to sunlight without a couple of weeks' worth of self-tanner applications.

Dizzy and I took a long walk this morning, before I leave him to the care of my neighbor, Holly. He always knows when I'm about to leave town, because it's the only time I ever do any serious cleaning, unless we're having company. God forbid I should die and people find a squalid apartment. It's the "clean underwear" principle, on a larger scale.

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