Tuesday, May 03, 2005

“If fate works at all, it works because people think that THIS TIME, it isn't going to happen!”

The Movie: Dead Again, 1991 (Scott Frank, screenwriter; Kenneth Branagh, dir.)
Who says it: Derek Jacobi as antiques dealer/hypnotist Franklyn Madson
The context: Madson warns photographer Pete Dugan (Wayne Knight) about the potential for violence in a confrontation between two people who may have known each other in a past life.
How to use it: To maintain your guard against the inevitable.

This quotation doesn't refer to anything specific... at least, nothing that I know about... but that's how fate tricks you, isn't it? God only knows what wheels are turning at this very moment, to change all our lives forever... okay, now I'm freaking myself out.

Yes, I know this post is very late today. It's ironic, because I started May full of good intentions and plans and schedules to create a new routine for myself, including blocks of time dedicated to exercise, a specific bedtime, meal plans, and other healthy structures that grown-ups generally do have in their lives.

So far I've been good about the exercising part, and I (naturally) haven't missed a meal. But the rest of it has already gotten away from me, because of deadlines and Postal Service weirdness and the telephone, which has been ringing non-stop for the past two days. (Questionnaires were due yesterday for a big annual survey report I write. I feel so magnanimous when I grant extensions, especially because I know I won't start writing this thing for at least another week.)

And now I'm rushing out the door again for a meeting about set construction on the Gaslight Theater's summer musical. Nothing cheers me up more than pounding things with hammers. I'm serious.

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