Saturday, May 28, 2005

“Nobody puts Baby in a corner.”

The Movie: Dirty Dancing, 1987 (Eleanor Bergstein, screenwriter; Emile Ardolino, dir.)
Who says it: Patrick Swayze as Catskills dance instructor Johnny Castle
The context: At the end of the movie, Baby (Jennifer Gray) is back in the corner, sitting with her family, rather than dancing out front where she should be.
How to use it: To assert yourself, or defend someone else.

I'm surprised by how many great movie lines come from mediocre movies -- and I know I'm getting myself in trouble here, because some of my friends will die insisting that Dirty Dancing is the greatest movie ever. I can't watch it; all the actors seem so self-conscious. It's as if they're high schoolers performing a play they wrote themselves based on their real lives, so it's really, really serious and meaningful.

All the same, Dirty Dancing is a quintessential summer movie, and the soundtrack is excellent, except for the modern songs.

And here in Washington, it is summer. At least three people yesterday told me, "We've had the most wonderful spring this year." (Meanwhile, the Weatherpixie says it's still raining in Gardiner. I feel like a prison escapee.) Washington was gorgeous yesterday, and Annapolis, where I spent the late afternoon, was even more beautiful. Downright magical, in fact.

This morning I am off to sit in traffic on 95 South for a few hours. Sometime before nightfall, I might get to Virginia Beach.


Anna said...

It's a trade-off. Good weather for bad traffic. Here we have bad weather but no traffic. It's been so long since we used the word gorgeous to describe the weather. The words we use can't be used on such a family-friendly blog as this one. Bring some of it back for us, Elle!

Anonymous said...

Here in Viginia Beach we don't have a trade off. We have gorgeous weather and no traffic, as long as you stay in my neighborhood! When two cars are in motion at the same time, it's a traffic jam. But stay off the Interstates and don't go near the ocean beaches on weekend afternoons.
And you will have to come through the tunnel where we screen out all the hilbillies, foreigners, union members and other undesirables.
And no you can't take the weather with you. You have to import your weather from Mt. Washington!

Janet said...

I love the concept of the blog. And for the record, Dirty Dancing IS a great film, cheese or no cheese. If you can prove otherwise, I'm wrong and I'll say I'm wrong.:)