Sunday, January 22, 2006

De minimis

Who uses it: Accountants, lawyers
What it means: An amount that is so small that it cannot be considered material (the ten dollars that gets rounded off in a million dollar deal for example.) Activities and amounts that in larger numbers would be illegal or illicit get a free pass if they are of a de minimis quantity.
When to use it: To put little things in perspective.

As in, gee Clair I wish’d that I’d have posted something earlier today! But there are times when weekends seem like more work than workdays, even when a decent part of my day involved going to the movies with my younger daughter and her buddy. We saw Hoodwinked, by the way. And may I say that this movie was ridiculously good? This went so beyond the arch “here’s a joke for you parents” playfulness of the good Disney animated movies (um, the good parts of the good Disney animated movies.) This movie had a song sung by an aspiring actor whose day job was driving a truck that sold schnitzel on a stick. Who can not love that?

So: an early welcome back to the blog, Clair, and not just from me, but from all the readers who rely on you for a daily missive. Please write this blog for precisely the audience you always had in mind….we’re just happy to be in on the conversation.

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