Sunday, January 08, 2006


Who uses it: Stage crews
What it means: Taking down the scenery and lights after a production ends
How you can use it: When you're taking down Christmas decorations.

Quite a few of my neighbors still have wreaths and ribbons and lights up, though the giant inflatables are all gone for the season. My sister Peggy has neighbors who create an entire holiday city of figurines and inflatables in their yard; I wonder how long it takes them to put it all away.

Did I mention that I'm now on the board of directors of Gaslight Theater? I think they just needed another body, but I'm glad to do it, and maybe this year I'll even audition for something. I spent yesterday morning with other board members, helping them move several years' worth of stored platforms, scenery flats, furniture and props from a barn south of Augusta to a couple of storage units west of Augusta.

The weather was perfect, the first truly sunny day we've had since I got back. I don't think the air temperature rose above freezing, but it felt downright warm in the sun.

It didn't last. The thermometer downstairs reads "4." That's not missing a digit -- it's 4 degrees Fahrenheit outside, which is -16 Celsius, and in case you were wondering, that's very cold. Cold enough to freeze the insides of your nostrils; cold enough to make your feet cold, even inside boots and thick socks. Cold enough to crack the skin on your hands, even inside gloves. Too cold even for Dizzy. It's supposed to get all the way to 34 today, but I'll be surprised.

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