Thursday, April 20, 2006


Who uses it: Frozen custard vendors
What it means: A milkshake made with frozen custard, so thick it does not come out of the cup when you turn it upside down -- thus, "concrete"
How you can use it: To celebrate the arrival of summer.

It may not quite be summer yet, but spring is officially well underway, now that Freeport's Classic Custard stand has reopened for the season.

You can see the stand from the highway as you head north on 295. The practiced eye (i.e., Jen's) can even see the "Flavor of the Day" sign from the road at 65 miles an hour.

Jen, Anna, Anna's mother Mary, and I were on our way back from Portland, where we listened to Tarren give a talk about Maine's problem-riddled Dirigo Health program. Jen saw the cars parked around the custard shop, and the lines at the window -- and ten minutes later, we were there too, along with half of Freeport. In all seriousness, Jen and Anna knew half the other people there. It was the biggest event in town today.

I'm thinking about making a change to my blog-posting schedule, and posting in the evenings instead of in the mornings. Tomorrow I hit the road again for one of these multiple-destination trips, and my posting schedule will be disrupted. I expect to keep posting daily, but new posts may not show up until late in the day... I know how some of you hate change (as I do myself), so sorry for any anxiety this causes.

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Anna said...

Personally I prefer a night posting. That way I'm guaranteed to wake up to a new posting (because you will most assuredly post after my very early bedtime) and if you sleep in I still get my fix. Works for both of us!