Wednesday, April 19, 2006


Who uses it: Obstetricians, labor nurses, pregnant women
What it means: The final stage of labor before delivery. Contractions come very fast, pain is often intense, and this is generally the time when mothers start swearing at the people around them. Fortunately, it usually only lasts about half an hour.
How you can use it: When something is almost done.

If you've been at sea or in a cave, you might not have heard that Katie Holmes delivered her baby yesterday, supposedly in the same hospital as Brooke Shields -- this despite the talk about a home birth, a silent birth, a drug-free labor, etc. The little girl's name is Suri, and someone on my cousin Sheila's web forum pointed out that Tom Cruise now has children whose names begin with the letters S, C, and I. I'm sure that's not deliberate. I'm sure it's not.

My client Joseph Finder has posted a tongue-in-cheek quiz to his website, in preparation for the release of his new thriller, KILLER INSTINCT. Check it out here, and e-mail the link to everyone you know. I didn't score very high, but I expect my rewards to be greater in the next world (okay, I don't expect, but I believe in forgiveness). Thanks to the sharp and funny Rob Blatt for putting the quiz together for us. (And before you send me indignant e-mails, it's meant to be a JOKE... these are not behaviors Joe endorses.)

First five random songs off the iPod Shuffle this morning:

"Golden Autumn Day," Van Morrison. This album, Back on Top, was one of two I listened to constantly the fall I moved to Los Angeles (the other was Natalie Merchant's Ophelia). A fair amount of this record is filler, though, and I'd have to put this song in that category.

"The Love that Never Fails," Jim White. A song that sounds like a bad dream, restless and sad and confused. “It’s not why I’m here, it’s who I’m with… I seek the love that never fails.”

"Just One of Those Things," Bryan Ferry. Yeah, this one's on my life's soundtrack album.

"Look for Me (I'll Be Around)," Neko Case. Peggy and Scott saw her live in Charlottesville last week... lucky ducks.

"I Am a Grocery Bag," They Might Be Giants. Ed and I are going to see these guys next week at the 9:30 Club. I love their children's music (this is one of their kids' songs), but I'll be annoyed if this is an all-ages show.

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getalife said...

Killer Instinct Quiz would be even better with a handy Post the Results to Your Blog feature!