Saturday, April 22, 2006

Green tags

Who uses it: Environmentalists
What it means: Renewable energy certificates; money that goes to support the creation and adoption of renewable sources of energy, such as solar panels or windmills.
How you can use it: A perfect gift for weddings, birthdays, christenings... go buy some. Happy Earth Day.

I paid $3.06/gallon for gas yesterday (in Connecticut), and $2.95/gallon this morning (in Virginia).

"Gas is going to hit $5.00 a gallon," my brother Ed said. "Yep," I said.

According to the Carbon Calculator, my activities produced approximately 26,000 pounds in greenhouse gases last year -- less than the national average of 35,000 pounds/household, but still a lot for one person. But I can buy 20 green tags, at $20 each, and fund enough renewable energy so that I have a zero net impact on the environment... or at least, that's the theory.

It's a theory I like, since I don't plan to stop traveling any time soon, and I wouldn't function very well without electricity.

Dizzy and I are in Mechanicsville this afternoon, and it's thunderstorming. If Mom were here, she'd say, "Get that computer off your lap, do you want to be electrocuted?" I don't, so I'd better log off now.


Anonymous said...

You're getting closer with the gas prices...we recently paid EUR 90 ($111,06) to fill up the Volvo (hitting EUR 1,35/liter...approx. $5.40/gallon)!
Sue (Germany)

Anonymous said...

Diesel fuel in Venezuela was $ 0.24/gal last week.

Gasoline is about the same.


Anonymous said...

oh my--vive la différence!