Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Jury nullification

Who uses it: Lawyers and judges
What it means: A decision by a jury that defies evidence, and thus shows that the jury believes the law itself is invalid, or that the prosecution has no authority in the matter.
How you can use it: When you're rejecting the obvious.

It snowed last night -- not a lot, but enough to make my stairs dangerous this morning, and to leave a white frost on the grass. Dizzy and I walked to the cemetery, since the lane down to the creek was too slippery. By the time we got home, most of the snow had melted.

At the Lechners' the other night, I watched "Deal or No Deal" for the first time; their Grace, who is not quite five, loves it. I can see how the show would appeal to a five-year-old, because it involves no skill at all; it's like the duck pond at a church bazaar, you just pick numbers and win or lose.

My sister Susan said that she watched it once, and realized about halfway through that the studio audience was cheering for a predetermined outcome -- that is, the number hidden inside each briefcase was already set, and no amount of cheering or strategy would change it. Her horror at everyone's stupidity has kept her from watching the show ever since. To that I would add that Howie Mandel gives me the creeps, especially because there's something about that pirate/Mr. Clean look I find attractive, in a deeply icky way.

First five random songs off my iPod Shuffle this morning:

"Faithless Street," Whiskeytown -- the title track off the first Whiskeytown album, and still one of the best things Ryan Adams has done.

"Children in Bloom," Counting Crows -- there was no way Counting Crows' second album could match the brilliance of "August and Everything After," but it's a darn fine record all the same. This isn't one of my favorite tracks from it, though.

"Wagon Wheel," Lou Reed -- this record, "Transformer," is great listening for a bad day; it's just so cheerful.

"It's De-Lovely," Sarah Vaughan -- another song guaranteed to lift anyone's spirits, and it sounds like spring to me.

"Big Boy Pete," The Olympics -- this is a song off a 1960s R&B compilation. Excellent music to dance to, or maybe just clean the apartment.

Once again, nothing from this decade... in my own defense, I'll say that I did buy the new Prince CD this week, and I like it a lot. (Speaking of people I find attractive, in a deeply icky way...)


Anonymous said...

I relate completely to the attractive/creepy theory, or as I sometimes call it the 'sexy/creepy continuum'. Others I think fall into that category: James Woods, Steven Tyler of Aerosmith and Christopher Walken. For further clarification, see the conversation the title character from the movie "Kissing Jessica Stein" has with the woman who becomes her lover on their first date. Great movie...

AnswerGirl said...

I totally agree about James Woods... especially when you see him in person, as I did one day in Beverly Hills. He's a lot taller than I expected.

You can have Steven Tyler... did you see "Be Cool"? Worst cameo appearance by any rock star in any movie ever.

Patrick J. Rodio said...

Ryan Adams is cool, but does he need to make 10 albums a year? I like him though, good stuff.

AnswerGirl said...

You're right... Ryan Adams needs an editor, which is why I think a lot of the Whiskeytown stuff is better than much of his solo work.