Sunday, May 07, 2006

Above the fold

Who uses it: Newspaper editors and reporters
What it means: The day's most important stories, with headlines on the top half of the front page.
How you can use it: When reporting the biggest news of your day.

Above the fold in today's Kennebec Journal: a report from the Maine Republican Convention, and an article about how expensive it is to go to two proms. I love living in a small town in a small state.

Strangely enough, I almost went to the Maine Republican Convention; Jen tried to talk me into going with her, when she thought she'd have to tag along with her husband, Steve. Steve objected, on the grounds that 1) I am not a Republican and 2) he didn't want me making the Convention fodder for mockery.

Silly Steve... he should know me better. I only mock the things I love.

Above the fold in my own world today: NBC's "Dateline" program tonight features an "uncensored" report on Tom Cruise, which should include an interview with my cousin Sheila and an update on the unflagging movement to Free Katie. Check it out.

Off to Boothbay Harbor, in Jen's father's convertible. What good is spring if you can't pretend to be a teenager again?


Jennifer Lechner said...

Having been to at least three Republican Conventions, I can attest that they are wonderful fodder for mockery. I almost feel guilty for mocking the attendees because they are so darn sincere. Almost.

Let's go pretend we are 16 again! Almost.

AnswerGirl said...

Well, "Dateline" cut Sheila out of the final version of their Tom Cruise story -- because "MI:3" seems to be tanking, and they decided they didn't need to spend their entire show talking about its star. Sic transit.

Anna said...

Looks like I missed a great girl's outing! DC is wonderful, though, and I'm enjoying the time without feeling drawn back here. It's a good thing. Don't forget me while I'm gone!