Tuesday, May 30, 2006


Who uses it: Doctors and epidemiologists
What it means: A bump or swelling symptomatic of bubonic plague.
How you can use it: For your next bout of hypochondria

Yes, I'm feeling a little morbid this morning. Dizzy and I went for a long ramble this morning, and I've just finished checking us both for ticks. You catch bubonic plague from rat fleas, not from ticks; ticks carry Lyme disease and Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever.

Either way, I might need to take my temperature later today. Just in case.

Yesterday was a day full of grilled meats, as I went from one cookout to another, with a nap in between. At the Lechners', Grace's caterpillars have all turned into orange-and-brown butterflies, and will soon be ready to fly away.

I always wonder whether butterflies remember having been caterpillars.

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