Thursday, May 11, 2006

Wild and scenic river

Who uses it: Congress and the National Park Service
What it means: A river that is legally protected as a "living landscape," against dams and other development that would restrain its flow.
How you can use it: Less frequently than you'd think.

Maine, a state blessed with water everywhere, has only one Wild and Scenic River, the Allagash. This is a perfect example of a "term of art," because anyone would call the Cobbosseecontee, across the street from me, wild and scenic. It's not, because it's dammed and developed.

Lots can change in two weeks, and a lot did, during the two weeks I was away. A new tattooing and piercing parlor opened in Hallowell; the Christian bookstore moved from Gardiner to Farmingdale (less than a mile from the adult bookstore, which is handy for everyone); the Radio Shack in Gardiner is closing (ack!); and, worst of all, Gardiner's bakery, Macdonald's, has closed.

It was a mystery to me how Macdonald's was able to stay in business, and I guess that in the long run it wasn't. You could buy a dozen cookies there for about two dollars, and a loaf of excellent bread for less than that. Lines stretched out the door before any holiday, because everyone bought Macdonald's dinner rolls, which were spectacular.

My friends the Maschinos are especially sad about this, because Macdonald's has been in business since Jerry was a boy. It's a terrible loss, and it's hard to imagine anything that could go into that storefront that would be as valuable to the town.


lauren said...

good news!
i panicked, and called them, and it turns out they're only closed for a week for renovations (or at least that's what the woman who answered the phone told me)

AnswerGirl said...

Phew! The windows are all covered with white paper, and a sign says, "Blue Sky Bakery coming soon."

If it's just a name change and a few price hikes, I'm fine with that...

Jennifer Lechner said...

Oh Thank GOD~I was about to go into mourning.

Anonymous said...

that one got me, too--have been to that bakery on each of our visits (4 so far--with the 5th one coming in August!)--would have been a "dang" shame! Which is the one that sells the Whoopie pies?

AnswerGirl said...

Isamax makes the Whoopie Pies, and they're still in the same place -- in fact, they've opened a second store in Hallowell!

Anonymous said...

Isomax is moving to Farmingdale, though, I believe; their building is for sale. MacDonald's Bakery was WAY better - but I can imagine the confusion with the name might have been a bit to bear.

I just hope "Blue Sky" has the same Eclairs.

AnswerGirl said...

Yeah, that building is for sale, but I asked and they said they didn't have any plans to move, and hoped they wouldn't have to.

They are, however, moving their main bakery from Richmond to Gardiner. Can't wait to start smelling the wonderful fragrances of Whoopie Pies in the morning...

Anonymous said...

The bakery is definitely not the same. The donuts are - when they make them. Their hours are odd - and if you work all day and have to travel, you cannot get in to buy anything. Most of the items aren't the same either. Gardiner people don't want "french" bakery goods - we want traditional, tasty and old fashioned. . . The eclairs are NOT the same.

AnswerGirl said...

Yes, I haven't figured their hours out yet, either. I've only been there once when the bakery was open, and that time, there was nothing on the shelves I wanted to buy.

Let's hope it's just a period of adjustment!

Anonymous said...

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