Monday, May 15, 2006

Mercy rule

Who uses it: Little league coaches and players (and other young athletes and their coaches)
What it means: An agreement to end the game if a team has what's considered an insurmountable lead at some time past the midpoint of a game.
How you can use it: When admitting defeat.

I'm officially overcommitted and overwhelmed, and leaving again tomorrow for what could be another two weeks on the road.

Thanks to the Lechners for a lovely Mother's Day, and to Chris and Claire for calling.

Kate's party on Saturday was a good time with a great turnout. Tomorrow I'm headed back to Boston -- or to Brookline, at least -- for the launch of my client Joe Finder's new book, KILLER INSTINCT.

NEC and St. Martin's will be giving away the first of nine 42" plasma-screen TVs at this event. I'm not eligible, because I work for Joe -- also, I don't have wall space for a 42" television, and I wouldn't want to pay the taxes on it -- but everyone present who's unaffiliated with St. Martin's or NEC will get a chance to win, so come on out.

Dizzy and I just took a walk around the block during a 20-minute break in the rain. One of my neighbors is selling nightcrawlers at $2.00/dozen, but I don't know why anyone would pay for them. In this weather, I think you can just go down to the riverbank and scoop them up.

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