Monday, May 29, 2006


Who uses it: Military leaders and policymakers
What it means: The legal requirement that certain members of society serve in the military for a given period of time.
How you can use it: To thank a volunteer.

The Memorial Day ceremony on the Gardiner common starts in just a couple of minutes -- people were already gathering when Dizzy and I walked through there earlier this morning. I can't go, since I have my usual Monday-morning tutoring appointment, but Dizzy and I stopped for a moment at the war memorial.

Field hockey wound up being cancelled yesterday, because the field was still too wet. I drove down to Portland to see The Notorious Bettie Page, which frustrated and annoyed me -- has anyone seen this movie? If you have, leave a comment below -- I want to talk to someone about it.

Anna and Tarren built a bonfire last night, and Anna's parents and I (and Dizzy, of course) went out there to toast marshmallows and drink champagne to celebrate the beginning of summer. (The humans drank champagne; Dizzy drank water. He's not that spoiled.)

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