Thursday, May 18, 2006

De novo

Who uses it: Lawyers and businesspeople
What it means: Literally, "from the beginning," or "anew." In law, it means retrying a case as if it had never been tried before. In business, it means starting up a business where one had not previously existed. In banking, it means a newly-opened branch or bank; regulators describe a bank as de novo for the first five years of its existence.
How you can use it: When starting something new.

It's a long drive down the Eastern Shore, and the section of it through northern Delaware is one of the least attractive stretches of highway I've ever seen.

But it was worth it for the view of the Chesapeake Bay from the bridge. Entirely by accident, I made it to the bridge right at sunset; it's a good thing that the signs say "No Stopping," because otherwise I might have pulled over for a while.

Dizzy is not with me on this trip -- he's having a good time with the Lechners. Yesterday, that was probably for the best. He's an excellent traveler, but doesn't like tunnels -- probably because he senses that they make me nervous, too. Yesterday, it appeared to be raining inside the Thimble Shoals tunnel of the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel, which did not exactly inspire confidence.

Meetings this morning, work this afternoon... and maybe a nap. I'm very tired, and this trip's just started.

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